CONDOR project started

CONDOR project started on November 1st, 2020 and will last for four years until October 2024

The next generation of innovative renewable energy system is ahead of us thanks to the CONDOR project (COmbined suN-Driven Oxidation and CO2 Reduction for renewable energy storage). The main objective of the CONDOR project is to develop a modular device for the production of fuels by using water and carbon dioxide as feedstock and sunlight as the sole energy source.

Led by the University of Bologna, the consortium brings together ten international partners – leading universities, research institutes and industries from EU countries and US.

The project is funded by the EU Research and Innovation programme H2020 and will last for four years. CONDOR is framed within the Social Challenges programme Secure, clean and efficient energy of the Horizon 2020 Framework. Specifically, it belongs to the call “Developing the next generation of renewable energy technologies” of the “Building a low-carbon, climate resilient future” programme.