Linked project

During the project, information related to other projects dealing with alternative renewable energy systems will be shared and clustering activities will be encouraged. Cooperation and synergies with other projects in the field of renewable energy systems and biofuels by the European Commission will be used to enforce a rapid exploitation and potential cross-linking of project goals and marketing initiatives.

The following projects were identified as possible for clustering:

European School on Artificial Leaf: Electrodes Devices
The project has an interdisciplinary scientific approach integrating the latest knowledge on catalysis, photovoltaic and polymer chemistry for self-structuration. Major outcomes will include breakthroughs in the development of artificial photosynthetic leaf as a photoelectrochemical device. Learn more
Entrepreneuring Dynamic Self-Organized Interfaces in Photocatalysis: A Multidisciplinary Training Network Converting Light into Products
The project aims at the conversion of solar energy into solar fuels and added value chemicals by employing microfluidic reactors. Learn more
Advanced devices for the reduction of carbon dioxide and artificial photosynthesis
The ARCADIA project will focus on building artificial photosynthetic devices (or photoelectrochemical cells), with the aim of producing alternative fuels exploiting renewable energy sources (namely sunlight). Learn more
Cost-effective materials for “power-to-chemical” technologies
The project develops a cost-effective solar-driven hydrogen production technology by photo-electrochemically splitting of water. Learn more
3D Model Catalysts to explore new routes to sustainable fuels
The project focus on using 3D model catalysts to allow details insight into the role of the different components in novel catalysts for the production of sustainable fuels and chemicals. Learn more
Solar Energy for a Circular Economy, FET Flagship preparatory actions
SUNRISE aimed at addressing disruptive technologies for the direct conversion of solar energy into solar fuels. Learn more
Solar Energy for Carbon-Free Liquid Fuel
The Sun-to-X project focuses on using solar energy to produce a carbon-free, non-toxic, energy-dense, liquid fuel – Hydrosil, with very good long-term stability, which is applicable in the transport and energy sectors. Learn more