New publication on composite CdS/TiO2 powders

We are glad to promote a new publication prepared with the participation of our partner University of Ferrara entitled “Composite CdS/TiO2 powders for the selective reduction of 4-nitrobenzaldehyde by visible light: relation between preparation, morphology and photocatalytic activity”.

In their work, the authors explore a series of new composite materials based on CdS/TiO2 prepared by hydrolysis of a titania precursor in a colloidal solution of CdS nanoparticles (CdS/TiO2-(1–4)). Exploiting the appropriate band edge position of TiO2 and CdS, they focus on the selective visible illumination of CdS and on the subsequent injection of electrons in the conduction band of dark TiO2. In principle, all the reductive transformations carried out by UV illumination of TiO2 should be feasible by visible irradiation of CdS in CdS/TiO2. The target reaction chosen is the selective reduction of p-nitrobenzaldehyde to the corresponding aniline. Textural and spectral properties of the prepared materials will be related to their photocatalytic performances. To their knowledge, the research reported is a rare example of a selective and efficient photocatalytic transformation occurring under mild conditions using visible light with a CdS-based photocatalyst with good stability

The publication can be accessible at the following link: