Harnessing Renewables for a Sustainable Future: Exploring CCU, Power-to-X and Solar-to-X Innovations

Condor project was co-organising a meeting with the European Innovation CouncilimecEuroTech Universities Alliance, and EU projects CATART (grant agreement no. 101046836),  FlowPhotoChem (grant agreement no. 862453), and  EU SUNERGY initiative (grant agreement no. 101058481).

Making sustainable fuels, chemicals and materials solely from renewable energy, water and abundantly available resources is a promising pathway for climate change mitigation. The event was held June 4th and 5th, 2024 in Genk, Belgium and has brought a wide panorama of stakeholders (academics, industrials, policy makers) around the exciting topic of solar fuel. Throughout this event, CONDOR connected with a large community to improve our understanding on the challenges and opportunities for solar fuel in general and CONDOR in particular and so shape the future for this emerging technology.

 We would like to thank all our partners for their active participation and contribution during the event.