CONDOR was acknowledged during Enrico Fermi Lecture 2022

The conference Enrico Fermi Lecture 2022: The Hydrogen Dilemma, organised on 26th October, was held by Dr Nicola Armaroli, Research Director at the National Research Council (CNR) of Bologna, member of the National Academy of Sciences and partner of CONDOR consortium. The theme aims to explore one of the possible solutions proposed by the scientific community regarding how to remodel energy production towards increasingly sustainable models, namely the use of hydrogen. In particular, it will be explored the topic of green hydrogen, which is produced from splitting freshwater into hydrogen and oxygen by means of electrolyzers powered by renewable electricity. During the talk of Dr Armaroli, the CONDOR project was acknowledged.

The event is part of the Enrico Fermi Lecture series, which is co-organised by the Embassy of Italy in Nicosia and the Cyprus Institute. Since 2017, this series of prestigious talks has brought to Cypriot audiences the work of eminent Italian scientists. This year, the Lecture is also aimed at celebrating the day of Italian Research in the World.

All the details for the conference are available at the following link .

Recording of the event is available HERE.