CONDOR Progress Meeting in Genk

On June 4th, the CONDOR partners convened for a consortium meeting. Conducted in a hybrid format to accommodate both in-person and remote participants, the meeting facilitated extensive collaboration and knowledge sharing among members across geographic distances.

Co-organized by Engie Laborelec, the meeting was hosted by EnergyVille, an energy R&D innovation hub located in the industry-oriented ecosystem of Thor Park in Genk, Belgium. EnergyVille is dedicated to transitioning towards an energy-efficient, decarbonized, and sustainable future. Within this environment, our discussions on establishing a modular device for solar-driven energy production were highly relevant.

The consortium members delved into discussions on the prototype, evaluating the outcomes of their collaborative efforts. They closely reviewed the current status of each of the two device compartments and discussed the project’s timeframe. With just five months remaining until the project’s conclusion, work package leaders brainstormed final actions needed to complete the project and prepare for its final stretch.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all partners for their active participation and contributions during the meeting. Their dedication and collaborative spirit are driving the project towards its goal of a sustainable and low-carbon energy future. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey towards achieving these ambitious objectives.