CONDOR partners met in Prague, Czech Republic

On the occasion of Month-19 meeting, CONDOR consortium got together on 19th – 20th of May in Prague, Czech Republic. The partners had the chance to reunite after the COVID-19 outbreak and to meet for the first time in-person.

During this two day meeting, CONDOR work progress in individual Work Packages was discussed. Each work package leader gave a presentation detailing the work performed for the development of both compartments, highlighting the achievements of each running task and next steps. Summing up the last 18 months of the project it is worth saying that the achieved results are perfectly aligned with the planned objectives. Overall, the project is well on track: the first 11 deliverables have been submitted and the first milestone was reached.

We are grateful to our partners and supporters for their commitment to the project and we are looking forward to continuing this active collaboration in our primary goal of creating a photosynthetic device combining sun-driven oxidation and CO2 reduction for renewable energy storage. The next meeting for the team will be the CONDOR project review with the EC project Officer scheduled for June 2022. Wish us good luck!