CONDOR at the Italian Photochemistry Meeting 2021

During the Italian Photochemistry Meeting 2021, held on 16-18 December 2021 in Torino, Daniele Veclania, Nicola Armarolia and Alessandro Venturinia from Institute of Organic Synthesis and Photoreactivity (ISOF) at National Research Council of Italy (CNR) presented an oral communication entitled “Interaction of a TiO2 Surface with Organophosphonic Acids:the Role of pH”, which is a part of the work done for CONDOR project.

The Italian Photochemistry Meeting 2021 is organized by the Italian Group of Photochemistry and the Interdivisional Group of Photochemistry of the Italian Chemical Society. The purpose of the annual meeting is to bring together researcher who are interested in exploring the link between chemistry, material science and biology. The conference focuses on the interaction of light with molecules covering fields as photophysics, fotobiochemistry, photography, spectroscopy, radiation chemistry.

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Find out the Abstract here (page 24).