Review Meeting Highlights Month 36 Project Progress

On January 26th, the second Review Meeting of the CONDOR project was convened. Organized in a virtual format, representatives from each consortium partner provided insights to the CINEA Project Officer regarding the work completed and progress achieved. Having reached 36-month of the project’s implementation, the meeting was held to assess the advancement and it was marked by valuable discussions and constructive feedback.

Our team shared the results achieved and highlighted significant milestones accomplished during the second reporting period. The discussions also encompassed the final trajectory of the project, which is focused on testing the modular laboratory demonstrator for solar-driven production of fuels in outdoor conditions.

Overall, the Review meeting provided an invaluable platform to evaluate our progress and demonstrated the commitment of the project partners towards achieving the goals of the CONDOR project.

Stay tuned for further updates as we continue our journey towards a cleaner, greener tomorrow!