CONDOR at the 10th De Nora Symposium

On October 4th, Prof. Stefano Caramori, University of Ferrara (UNIFE), Department of Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural Sciences, took part in the 10th De Nora Symposium held in Milano & virtually.

During the Symposium, Prof. Caramori gave a keynote lecture “Photoelectrochemical and Photoelectrosynthetic Cells for Solar Fuels” where UNIFE role in the CONDOR project was presented. In addition to that, some basic concepts concerning the energetics and the architecture of photoelectrochemical cells having application to solar fuel production were reviewed. Case studies from the literature and from our research group’s experience were analysed, with emphasis on the interfacial charge transfer dynamics in wide band-gap n-type semiconductors, highlighting advantages and limitations of some of the most investigated materials for driving photoelectrochemical oxidation reactions: the properties and applications of photoanodes made of WO3, of n-n junctions incorporating BiVO4 and of modified hematite will be considered. Finally, some molecular level sensitized interfaces based on titania and tin oxide were discussed.

De Nora event is designed to create a sustainable, active, and interactive communication network between leading academic communities and R&D and Innovation groups. The 2021 edition focuses on strengthening partnerships and collaboration with academia on the strategic topics for De Nora: water electrolysis, fuel cells, CO2 reduction, and water treatment technologies.

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