CONDOR at EuroNanoForum 2021!

On May 5th – 6th , 2021, CONDOR was presented at EuroNanoForum 2021.

In collaboration with the Portuguese government, currently holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union since January 1st, 2021, EuroNanoForum 2021 explored the pivotal of nano-enabled technologies and industries in the transformation towards EU prosperity. The event was designed to bring forward the role of research and innovation and the opportunities afforded through the EU’s new framework programme, Horizon Europe. ENF served as a platform for experts from diverse sectors who discussed policy options and priorities, sharing insights on technical, industrial, and social challenges, as well as exploring solutions to bolster the economy through clean technology.

The conference not only attracted stakeholders from various sectors but also provided an Exhibition Hall for attendees to explore. During the event, our partner AMIRES hosted a virtual booth, showcasing the CONDOR project, thereby amplifying its presence and impact at the event.

More information is available on the official EuroNanoForum website.

Poster presented can be found HERE.

Photo: AMIRES a virtual booth at EuroNanoForum 2021